Monday, August 23, 2010


So I am sure everyone has heard of this new fab with cupcakes. There are so many cupcakes shows on TV right now like D.C. Cupcakes and cupcake wars, and I love to watch them.  On the shows they make these specailty cupcakes in all different flavors with amazing decorations.  Everytime I watch them make these delicous cupcakes it makes me want to go out and find a little cupcake bakery and buy a dozen of them.  So you are probably wondering why I am telling you how obsessed I am with cupcakes, well it is to tell you a little story.  This last week I went to Arlington, Texas to see my mom and it just happened to be close to my birthday which is this week on thursday by the way, just in case you want to send me a little something. 

Well while I was visiting we had this bright idea to have a birthday party for me and my brother, who is my twin, we thought it would be fun to invite and see all of my family that lives in the area. So two nights before the party my mom and I are sitting at her house talking about what we are going to do for our birthday celebration and being as brilliant as I am, I tell her we should make cupcakes!  At nine o'clock at night me and mom go to walmart and buy ingrediants to make three different types of cupcakes. Of course we are not going to make everything from scratch, so we buy three different cake mixes, strawberry, lemon and butter pecan.  Then we decide to make the icing home made for each cupcake.  The first was a cream cheese icing that we put with the butter pecan, the second was a lemon zest cream cheese icing that of course went with the lemon cupcake and the third was a strawberry whipped cream made with fresh strawberries that went with the strawberry cupcake.

That night we ended up just making the butter pecan cupcakes because it was so late.  The next day me, my mom and my mawmaw slaved all day in the kitchen making the other two cupcakes along with their icings.  We ended up making six dozen cupcakes in all.  The party that night was alot of fun, we invited all of my aunts, uncles and cousins but everyone was so busy that only one of my uncles and his wife were able to show up, along with my mawmaw and pawpaw, my mom, dad me and my brother.  So we had a ton of cupcakes left over.  It was so much fun seeing my family enjoy the cupcakes we made and  I will always have this wonderful memory of spending time with my beautiful momma and my loving mawmaw. And of course I will never forget how delicious all of the differnt cupcakes were.
Photography provided by Rebekah Lynn Photography


  1. This was a blast!!! Thanks for sharing your memory. I love the way you posted thep pics in with your makes the story come alive. You never told me if Blake liked the cupcakes? Keep writing and sharing....

    Me :)

  2. thanks momma, yes blake loved the cupcakes i made him try all three. his favorite was the butter pecan and lemon!!